The Triumphant Entry Print
Saturday, 27 March 2010 06:50
The Triumphant Entry

Forty days of lent are getting over and soon we will be switching into a more important spiritual phase of the Lenten time called the Passion Week or Holy Week. The name clearly indicates the significance of the period. We are approaching the Passion of Christ, which is at the same time Holy too. At this time it will be meaningful to check whether we are worthy enough to enter into it? Are we prepared to receive at least the glimpse of the spiritual experiences of the Passion Week? It is not simple as any ordinary thing in our day-to-day life. The spiritual experiences become more relevant in our life with respect to how we approach these special occasions.

Just ahead of the Passion is Hosanna. It is the remembrance of the day on which Jesus had His triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem. We know that Jesus lived as a very ordinary person throughout His life. He preferred to be with the sinners, downtrodden, and the outcast among society. For that He found justification that only the sick were in need of the doctor. Have we ever thought why a very ordinary man, a down to earth personality had this triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem. It was the will of God, to provide us with some thoughts to correct our lives. The same people who sang Hosanna for Him screamed to crucify Him after few days. The people who pleaded to save them (Hosanna means Lord save us) made sure that He never got a chance to escape, even when Pontius Pilate was ready to release Him, by giving people the option to choose between Christ and Barabbas. The people who put their clothes on the streets for Him to pass through, later celebrated when He was crucified without proper clothing. The hands that took palm leaves to receive Him searched for a chance to nail Him on the cross. The One, who cared for and respected the dignity of the most insulted, was mocked in public. What a change in the attitude of the people. We may think how ignorant those people were who did all this. But if we carefully see we can identify our own presence among that crowd.

The people who once sang Hosanna, when turned against Jesus never felt that they were making any mistake. They might have thought that they were doing the most justifiable thing, which was the need of the time. We do have the same possibility of committing big mistakes with our own ‘justifications’. The heart that praises the Lord may within no time change and choose to do otherwise and we may even not realize at that moment. As we enter into the Passion Week through Hosanna, make sure that the Lord has His triumphant entry into our hearts and He remains there forever with all His glory. Let us not fall into Satan’s hands to become his tool to deny the Lord and all that is divine around us. Let us try to find the divinity around us. Let not our eyes be blind to see the presence of God among us and around us.

May God bless us to have the most exciting spiritual experience in our life through the days ahead.

God Bless.