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Sunday, 24 April 2011 04:22

New Beginning



A new beginning (a fresh start) always gives us a message of hope. Every time we go for a restart, we expect a better outcome. Failure has no place in the context of a new beginning. Now is the time for us, for a restart.

If we observe nature, we can find that as the spring season is about to have a new beginning, everything that seemed to be lifeless turns out to be the source of new life. The season of spring brings new color to the entire world. The soothing, encouraging feeling that we get through the fresh colors of tender leaves and flowers during the spring, imparts a feel of refreshing energy to everyone. It brightens up the entire surroundings with new spirit.

Easter, the feast of feasts falls in the season of spring. The message of Easter is the message of hope, the ultimate hope from the most hopeless situation. Celebration of Easter should bring a new beginning to our spiritual as well as physical life. The glory of the resurrection should remain without fading in our body, mind, and spirit. It is not a day for going back into the old life of sin, but a day to start a journey to a new life, where sin is dead. Our Lord takes us to the feast of resurrection providing us a chance to be a part of His resurrected life. How significant is this for us completely depends upon how we accept His life, in our day-to-day life.  The manifestation of our acceptance of Easter will be through our behavior to other people, and our relationship with God. Acceptance of the resurrected life of Christ should show in our life, the resemblance of Christ. Let every aspect of death (sin) be crucified for a new life of goodness.

Christ’s resurrection was from the total impossibility to the complete possibility. The Christian life calls us to move on from valleys of death to the springs of life. It is a call for hope from hopelessness. There may be situations in life, which seem to be the ultimate end, but God can provide a flight for us from the ultimate end, to the new horizon of resurrection. The climax will always be the victory of goodness and truth over evil. The rays of new life will remove all darkness from every heart.

May God bind us together in the joy of His resurrection and help us to view our life in the light of His resurrection - the new beginning from death to life.



In Christ

Laby Achen.