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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 15:57

The ability to see something depends upon the ability of our eyes to focus on it. When there is change, in the natural ability of our eyes to focus, our vision becomes blurred. We may then have to depend upon other means to correct the focusing of the eyes, perhaps with the help of glasses or contact lenses.  If correction is not possible, we may end up being blind. One cannot completely understand this pathetic situation of blindness, when he/she has sight. In reality, even though we claim to have good sight, many a times we do not see things we ought to see, but see things that we are not supposed to see.  This nature of ours makes our claim about good sight, meaningless.

If we do not see what we are meant to see, it will be a setback for us in life. One of the reasons for losing goodness in life is this setback. Our pride and spiritual ignorance makes us to claim ourselves as the people with the best eyes and sight, even when we are blind to many things. If we really make an effort, to view our lives in the light of spirituality, we will definitely realize that many of our evaluations and views are completely wrong. Only under the light of divinity, we can have real sight; all other calculations and evaluations will mislead us. Let our focus be on Christ and His Calvary. Let us view our life through the frame of divine providence of God. Let us capture life situations in the focus of the redemptive incarnation of our Lord, and preserve it for eternal life. Otherwise, we may lose it just as we lose things that are out of focus, when captured through the camera.

Lent is the time for the evaluation of our inner sight. Are we able to focus on the redemptive incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? As part of the tradition, our church erects ‘Golgotha’ (Mnortho) in the middle of the church, to remind us that our focus hereafter should be on the Cross and Passion of our Lord. Our spiritual journey must attain new vigor as we get closer to the Holy Week. Let us try to focus on the things, which we should definitely see. Let us try changing ourselves to see only the goodness –the goodness in life and in others. Let it be a part of our identity, our personality. Lent is all about changing in the right dimensions, in the right directions.

God Bless.
Laby Achen