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Monday, 21 March 2011 06:35


A compromise happens, when one is willing to settle or sacrifice something, for the betterment of a cause. The attitude of compromising is good to some extent, and in some situations, but is not always helpful. At the same time, stubbornness or arrogance in all our deeds is not going to help us by any means. So what should be our policy about compromises? Compromises must always be value oriented. It is okay to go for a compromise if it ultimately provides happiness to others and us, even if we have to sometimes suffer for it. Compromises should never be made only for our own selfish needs, if so, we may eventually lose happiness. We should never be willing to make any compromises in situations which will lead us to destruction. In order to know when to compromise and when not to, we need to have the Spirit of God with in us, which will wipe out the darkness and lead us into the light.

The Lenten time is not a time for compromises; it is a time for reconciliation. Making compromises in our spiritual journey will cost us dearly, and we will end up losing direction towards our real destination. During lent we may be tempted to compromise with many things. For many of us, instead of spiritual enjoyment, lent is a time of forceful giving up of many of our likes and desires. We may have to go through several temptations during the Lenten time. We will be tempted with various situations, and by various people, because Satan will never spare anyone who really wants to observe the lent, or move ahead in their spiritual journey. He will not tolerate anyone who walks in the Lord’s path, and will try to disturb the peace of such people. In order to fulfill his wish, he may try to make use of each one of us as his weapon. That is why during Lenten time, we have to be careful to not get tempted, and also not to be used to tempt others. Satan may not appear to us as himself, but may appear to us as anyone, to distract us from our direction. We should never compromise with any of such distractions. Satan may even tempt us through our own family, or even through ourselves, by disturbing our thoughts and mind, which will force us to ruin our peace in life.

The Lenten period should not be taken lightly, but should be observed with reverence and utmost sincerity. Satan will try to attack us from different sources and by different means. We have to be cautious not to compromise with Satan and his plans. God compromises with us through our lent, fasting, and good deeds. If we compromise with any of Satan’s plans, it will call off God’s compromise with us. Choose that which is going to make God compromise with us. Nothing else is going to help us. The choice is ours.

May God bless us, and compromise with us.

Laby Achen.