Vicar Messages By your Peace
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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 07:14

By Your Peace

“By Your peace accept our fasting and prayers…” This is one of the petitions we make, while we pray to God Almighty in the Sedro (prayer following the Promiyon) of the service of reconciliation. Through the service of reconciliation, we enter into the Great Lent.  It is a very meaningful and powerful service in the Orthodox tradition. In the Sedro of the particular service, the entire prayer is petitions to God, starting with “By Your Peace….

What is God’s peace? Is it by any means different from what we define as peace? The answer is definitely yes.

Peace is always relative. It differs according to the person who perceives it. It will differ in accordance to our spiritual strength. Our spiritual strength enables us to enjoy God’s peace. God’s peace is always a reward for those whom He loves. It is the strength or the calmness, which we feel in the midst of troublesome experiences in our lives. It is more than what words can explain. It is a divine gift which protects us in the days of turmoil.  We have heard about the calmness of the ocean in its depths, even when it is violent on its surface. No force can disturb the calmness in the deep ocean. A true believer is one who achieves that ‘Peace’- God’s peace. Jesus in His public ministry told us “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful” (St. John 14:27). This promised peace from our Lord is different from what we usually think as peace. For many of us, peace is in things which give us happiness. For some that happiness may even include disturbing the peaceful life of others. We are all human beings with many limitations and shortcomings. This Lenten time is the right occasion to evaluate ourselves. We are being given one more chance; we should not let it go in vain.  The Lord is watching us like the faithful master who expects His stewards to bring in good fruits out of their labor.

The destination of our spiritual journey is the proclamation of Peace. Let us reach there with vigor and enthusiasm and without failing, on the day of Easter. Let Lord’s peace guide us and protect us in our journey. Let us pray and seek earnestly for Lord’s peace. Nothing can exist and strengthen us, other than Lord’s peace.

Let our spiritual journey be successful by His peace.

God Bless.