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Sunday, 04 April 2010 06:03

                                       The Empty Tomb


The feast of Resurrection is the “Feast of Feasts”. An empty tomb stays as the symbol of the greatest victory ever in the human history. The Son of God for the entire humanity conquered death. By resurrection He was opening the door for hope and eternity and leaving behind an empty tomb. In the Bible we see some women went to the tomb of Jesus on the Sunday morning after His crucifixion and found only an empty tomb. They were in fear and confusion.  An angel asked them why they were looking for the living among the dead. The angel then announced to them the glad tidings of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Then the women ran to the disciples to inform them about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which eventually spread to the entire world, and is still spreading the good news of the resurrection through the real Christians.


We have two options in front of us, to be idle at the empty tomb or to take up the responsibility of the mission to share the peace of resurrection. Even after observing the Great Lent with all sincerity, are we just roaming around the empty tomb? We have to go beyond, and carry the peace and joy of resurrection. We have to be the carriers of the glad tidings. By receiving the spiritual blessings of the Passion and Resurrection, one should feel confident enough to pass it on to others like the women who came to Jesus’ tomb. If there is any soul still in darkness let it be enlightened with the light of Resurrection. Let it be the day for the Holy Spirit within us to arise and conquer all the evil powers that try to conquer us each day. Let us open wide the doors of our hearts for the divine light to enter and transform us in every respect. Let us go looking for the living and not the dead.  Let our souls, mind, and body rejoice and experience the joy of resurrection and, reflect it to others. Let our lives be meaningful, and let us make sure there is no hatred, anger, or any other evil force conquering us any more.


This is the day for us to celebrate and share the true peace among one another. Being a Christian there is no point in staying away from sharing peace and love, while the entire world celebrates the Holy Easter. If we still feel to stay away, then we are shutting ourselves from the divine light. We are not the people for the tomb, but for eternal life. We trust in the Lord who rewards even the one who joins Him in the last hour just as He rewards the one who was with Him from the beginning. Make sure we never miss the chance to be with Him at any point. Let God help us to leave back the tomb empty and go forward with virtues of life into a glorious future. Let God resurrect in our hearts. Try to see the power of resurrection and experience the peace. Let us open up our hearts to the glory of Easter.


Have a Blessed Easter.


God Bless.