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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 06:10
Pesaha – Our Privilege and our Right

The feast of Pesaha (Pascha/Maundy Thursday) traces its origin from the Old Testament times. It was one of the greatest feasts of the Jews- the feast of Passover. It was celebrated in remembrance of the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. So it was a feast of Thanksgiving. We can see the reference from the Bible that God Himself directs as to how it should be observed in  Exodus 12:2-50 . Thereafter, we can see many references in the Bible about the Israelites observing the feast of Passover with utmost importance. In the book of  Numbers 9:13 , it is written that the person who neglects to celebrate the feast of Passover will be cut of from his people because he did not present the Lord’s offering at its appointed time. The sacrifice in the Old Testament context was the animal sacrifice. For the people of God sacrifice was an uncompromising part of their life.

Through Jesus Christ we have been given the New Covenant. At the last Passover in His life Jesus Christ instituted the Holy Qurbana, which we generally call as the Last Supper. The perfection and climax of Christian worship is the offering of the Holy Qurbana. The word means ‘offering’ or ‘sacrifice’ and it recalls the self-giving sacrifice of our Lord on Calvary. On the occasion of Last Supper, our Lord took the bread in His hands, blessed it, broke it and gave it to His disciples and said “Take, eat of it; this is my body” and like wise He took the cup and blessed and gave it to them and said “Drink of it, all of you: for this is my blood of the new covenant”. (St.  Mathew 26:26-27 ). Then He asked them to celebrate this divine service in remembrance of Him until His second coming (St.  Luke 22:19 ). As the remembrance of the institution of the Holy Qurbana, it is our privilege and right to take part in the feast of Pesaha and receive the communion. The relationship of God to His people is ‘communion’. It is an inseparable union that God is expecting from us. So staying away is never justifiable.

The feast of Pesaha is for the entire household, for all who are baptized is His household (Church). So please don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the sacrifice our Lord offered for our redemption from sin. Come prepared to receive the communion at the Pesaha service. In reverence to the Holy body and blood of Christ we should observe six hours of fasting (exception for the sick and infants) before receiving the Holy Qurbana. Come and celebrate the communion with God.

God bless.

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