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Thursday, 18 March 2010 18:48



Stress is a very common term in our everyday life. Most of us comment about our own life as stressful or even miserable. Why do we come to such a conclusion? We may have a lot of reasons or persons to blame for the stress in our life. We may even feel satisfied to a certain extent when we find a reason or someone to blame for our stress, but it does not in any way help reduce stress in our life. Instead of reducing stress and make our life a blessing, we start struggling within ourselves and end up changing our life from stressful to miserable. How can we help ourselves? What have we lost? If we can find what we lost in our own essence, it will help us to resolve our problem rather than blaming the situations in our day to day life.


So, what are we missing? --- We are missing our innocence. As a symbol of pretending to be matured we purposefully lost the child within ourselves. Our smiles, laughs, sorrow, cry, everything lost its genuine nature. With our pretense, we fool ourselves and try to fool others. How did we lose our genuine nature? We know man was created in God’s own image and likeness. When man depended on other sources other than God and disobeyed God, he was distorting the image and likeness of God within him. Let’s check our own life; are we preserving the image and likeness of God within us or are we distorting it? Can we laugh wholeheartedly? Can we weep heartfelt? We prefer to remain behind the mask we have put on, to hide our emotions and our genuine nature from others. In the very essence, every human being is good as he is created in God’s own image and likeness, but the change happened as one grew up following his own ‘gods’ and neglecting his Creator.


When we see an infant laughing, we all laugh along with the child. The sincerity of that laugh takes us away from all our desperation. As long as that laugh lasts we also laugh whole heartedly with the child. That is the miracle of innocence. Jesus Christ reminds us that unless we turn as a child, we will never enter the Kingdom of God. Innocence is considered as the basic required virtue of life in the Kingdom of God.  Each one of us had it, but it got lost somewhere within us. Let us search for it and find it. Even though we are weak and sinful, may God bless us to live sincerely and accept the sincerity of others. Turning away from an innocent heart is turning away from God.


God Bless.