Vicar Messages Mid Lent
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Thursday, 11 March 2010 20:25

Mid Lent


Half time is over now.  This is a good time to evaluate the first half and try and seriously plan the second half, to make the whole thing fruitful. The opportunity to evaluate our performance in life is not attributed to everyone. But how many of us are interested in evaluating our life, especially our spiritual life. At this time God is providing us one more chance to choose the right. We never know how many chances we may get in our life. Neglecting the chance may cost us dearly. We may never neglect a chance to turn against the persons we dislike, but how about the chance to turn towards God?  Never neglect it; we do not know if we may ever get another chance, only God knows it.


On the mid lent day we remember the King Abgar of Edessa in our service who was a gentile ruler during the time of Jesus.  He was a man who was suffering from a severe skin disease.  He heard about Jesus and wished to see Him.  He completely believed that Jesus could heal him.  Abgar sent a messenger to Jesus with a letter written on a piece of cloth requesting Jesus to visit him and heal him.  He also offered refuge to Jesus as it was the time when Jews were plotting charges against Jesus to kill Him.  After reading the letter Jesus kissed the letter, folded it and gave it back to the messenger and said that He could not leave Jerusalem as He wanted to fulfill His father’s wish to suffer and die. The messenger went back to Abgar and gave the letter back. When King Abgar opened the letter he could see the face of Jesus on that piece of cloth and it is believed that he was completely healed at that very moment.


King Abgar offered a chance for Jesus to escape from crucifixion. There were many chances for Jesus to escape from suffering, but He never opted for any of them. He chose to suffer and die, for you and me. The sinless was accused guilty, slapped, spit on face, beaten cruelly, made to wear the crown of thorns, and mercilessly crucified. All these He suffered, just for us. Does all that mean anything for us? Let’s ask ourselves; are we grateful for all that He suffered for us?  Now is the time for us to turn towards God. He is still waiting for us, disregarding our misdeeds.


God Bless.