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Friday, 05 March 2010 22:43

                                Peace Be the Reward



“Depart from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”(Psalms 34:14)


The above verse is an instruction for transformation. As we all know transformation is a change from one state to another. For us to transform we should be able to differentiate between both the states; of being evil and being good. Most of us usually fail to differentiate between the state of being evil and that of being good. This failure attributes a lot to our life and attitude. Good and evil are always relative. We relate good and evil according to, how we see our life and others lives. If we see only our own life and nothing beyond, then the goodness will be only for our own benefit. We may not care about how our ‘good’ (what we consider good) may affect others life. If our ‘good’ is having a destructive property, then how can it be good?  It is nothing but evil.


Goodness should be always viewed in the frame of reference to God. Viewing in God’s perspective is the correct measuring rod for anything in this world. Generally, our stubborn nature or hatred towards others makes us blind to opportunities to do good things.  If we give space for hatred in our mind, we will be the ones ultimately suffering and not the ones whom we hate. Hatred will affect us physically and mentally. Lenten period is the right time to review our life and get cleansed from the unwanted elements within ourselves. If we don’t let the divine light to enter into us, God may also be helpless. In the gospel we read that there is a point where Jesus could not do any miracle due to the lack of belief, in the people around Him. Believe in the Lord and submit ourselves completely before Him, He will transform us in a fraction of a second.


The most demanding state in human life is to be in peace. That’s what everyone is searching for and for some reason or the other; each of us is lacking peace in our lives. When we transform our lives from evil to good, peace will be certainly attributed to us. No one can find peace with evil. They cannot get along. But good deeds, even if we may have to suffer for it, will reward us the peace of life. No possessions can give you peace except the virtues of life.


May God bless us all to be transformed, and achieve the peace in our life to lead a meaningful life.


God Bless.


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