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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 18:15


Above is a very familiar sign which we often come across in our daily life.  Human life can be viewed as a long session in which we put a lot of effort to resolve many complex questions.  It is a fact that each and every person tries to resolve questions in their lives with their own abilities.  Some may find success in their efforts while some may feel that they are still searching in darkness. Human life starts and continues throughout with the same sign (?). It can also be said that human life when in the mother’s womb resembles the shape of a question mark. Resolving each question in life brings meaning and happiness to life. Great leaders always succeeded in finding solutions to situations they faced, and that made them to be heroes in history.

Failure in finding even the questions in our life is a tragic situation. For some, life is just meant for all sorts of enjoyment. They are neither bothered about anything nor do they have any true relationship with anything or anybody. For them everything can be viewed only in a consumerist way. Neither God nor anybody has any place in their hearts or lives. We can see people like this in spiritual centers too, for them being a Christian or to be addressed under a religious label is just a matter of pride. Just to show up to impress others is their ‘spirituality’. There is every chance for each one of us to fall into such a category.  Be cautious and try to answer sincerely to ourselves, why are we in this spiritual life or what does spirituality mean to us?

A life without God is suicidal. Whoever be it, a man with God in him can be easily identified through the way he speaks, thinks, behaves………everything will reflect the influence of the divine power.  He will be able to answer the questions in life. There will be situations in life when we feel that we are in darkness, but if we have the divine presence, no darkness can invade us for ever. We will certainly experience the spark of the divine presence even in our darkness, which will eventually take us to light of the world, Jesus Christ. So the essential thing in our life is to seek God’s wisdom to view our life, in His perspective. There is nothing greater than viewing our life in God’s perspective. As Solomon asked to Yahweh (1Kings 3:9), let us also pray to Him to fill us with His wisdom so as to resolve our life situations.

God Bless.

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